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Director | Writer | Musician


Spear by CN Smith

at 21Ten Theatre

Produced by Corrib Theatre in Portland, OR, USA

Feb 16-Mar 10, 2024

Thu – Sat @ 7:30pm, Sun @ 2pm

White fragility simmers in the wake of Black success. 

Three white Irish men meet at their childhood athletic field to catch up, drink, and discuss the recent Olympic success of their former Black friend, Amir. Their vulnerabilities, jealousies, and perceived failures seethe below the surface as they recall their teenage years. In a parallel reality, the young men wrestle with flashes of the past when they enact scenes from Amir’s diary. 

Supported in part by a grant from the Irish government’s
Emigrant Support Programme

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"In Spear, Corrib presents an opportunity to Portland to catch these two young artists near the beginning of what look to be promising careers. And further, to see a work of art that raises some questions for which our own city is still looking for answers."

— OREGON ARTSWATCH, "Bobby Bermea: A ‘Spear’ in the heart of racial reckoning"

"Already garnering awards for her work, Nesbitt believes in theatre’s transformative power"

— THE IRISH TIMES, "50 People to Watch in 2024"

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"Joy Nesbitt has already made her mark on the Irish theatre landscape."

— THE SUNDAY TIMES, "The Ones to Watch in 2024"

"‘The Irish funeral is a lot closer to the African-American funeral than I ever expected’
New to the Parish: Joy Nesbitt came to Dublin from Dallas in 2021"


“The King of All Birds review: Moments of visual and oral storytelling make this play one to remember”



“An incredibly smart piece from Springheel Productions and an incredibly talented writer and actor. Larney is without a doubt one to watch. Not a single moment is wasted in this show and you shouldn’t waste a moment in booking a ticket before this run finishes.”




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