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Written by CN Smith

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White fragility simmers in the wake of Black success. 

Three white Irish men meet at their childhood athletic field to catch up, drink, and discuss the recent Olympic success of their former Black friend, Amir. Their vulnerabilities, jealousies, and perceived failures seethe below the surface as they recall their teenage years. In a parallel reality, the young men wrestle with flashes of the past when they enact scenes from Amir’s diary.

Spear is supported in part by a grant from the Irish government's
Emigrant Support Programme

Corrib Theatre’s mission is to bring Irish playwrights’ unique perspective on oppression and empowerment, and conflict and resolution, to Portland in order to change our world for the better.


Sean – Rocco Weyer

Joe – Ryan Edlinger

Nate – Dylan Hankins


Writer – CN Smith

Director – Joy Nesbitt

Producer – Holly Griffith

Set Design – Kyra Sanford

Lighting Design – Jeb Stuart

Costume Design – Viola Horton

Sound Design – Jonathan Castillo

Stage Management — Colin Herring

Dialect Coach — Karl Hanover


“Setwise, scenic designer Kyra Sanford turns 21Ten into a miniature theater in the round, letting the audience see the lads’ antics from all angles. It’s a bit cramped, to be sure, but it creates a distancing effect that works for characters like this. We’re meant to understand them, maybe even recognize them, but not to empathize—at least not fully—with their self-righteous pettiness.”

— Willamette Week 

"CN Smith and Joy Nesbitt are two of the most exciting artists working in Ireland today. This collaboration is not to be missed!"

— Nicola Murphy Dubey, Irish Repertory Theatre

“Corrib has assembled a power duo with CN Smith and Joy Nesbitt - two emerging artists whose voices will undoubtedly shape the future of Irish theatre.

— Keelie Sheridan, Artistic Director: Irish Classical Theatre

“Spear is a challenging exploration of the stories we tell to distance ourselves from the real pain of complacency in oppression.

— Audience member


“I left the theatre reflecting deeply on my own stories well into the night.”

— Audience member


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