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Devised by Joy Nesbitt and Pedro Pacheco with Ahmed Karim Tamu, Isolde Fenton, and Teresa Cruz

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Three college friends play a game of truth or dare. They find themselves lost in the game. Who are they? We don't know and neither do they.


This production was a part of the Devised theatre festival featuring pieces created by MFA theatre directing students at the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Arts. All pieces were devised under the instruction of master-deviser, Louise Lowe, and master-lighting designer, Sinead Wallace.

This piece is a depiction of the cycle of identity formation that we all experience. It asserts that we come up with our identities by attaching and detaching ourselves from different labels and identity markers, and oftentimes, the internal drama of our identity-making complicates our interpersonal relationships. For our three characters, their identities are in transition, and when they approach this basic game of Truth or Dare, their identities make them unable to play the game properly, and as a defence mechanism, these characters use the game to antagonise each other, ultimately forcing them to reject the ideas and labels that confine them. By the end of this play, these characters perform what it means to embrace the process of identity-making rather than continually fight it. Furthermore, these characters acknowledge that they are all works in progress and that is something that they all must support each other through.


Direction: Joy Nesbitt

Lighting Design: Pedro Pacheco

Stage Management: Fiona Cradock

Music Composed by Joy Nesbitt and Ahmed Karim Tamu


A: Ahmed Karim Tamu

B: Isolde Fenton

C: Teresa Cruz


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