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The caoining

Written by Roman Vai and Catie Grainger

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What makes a Banshee scream? Is it the warning of knowing when death will come, or the painful cry to the ones who kill? Tensions exist in an insular echo-chamber.


'Patrick,' a closeted, chronically online man, gets entranced and plots to kill his housemate, 'Banshee', who has the power to predict death. They share one sleeping bag in the back garden of a house in Swords, Dublin. When Patrick starts a conspiracy to kill her, he seeks advice from an online community of sinister white men.


This campy modern fable is a comedy in secalation, a murder play with roots of toxic mastculinity. Who is society's true monster: the Banshee, or the sexually confused white man?

This piece was performed at The Ireland Institute as part of the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival 2024. 


Banshee – Enya Donohoe

Patrick – Richard Neville

Swords Strangler – Donnagh Mayock


Writer – Roman Vai

Writer – Catie Grainger

Director – Joy Nesbitt

Producer – Alex Smyth

Set Design – Fibs Porto

Lighting and Video Design – Roman Vai

Costume Design – Toni Bailey

Stage Management — Jessica Kelly


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