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my sister in this house

Written by Wendy Kesselman

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Based on a true story that took place in France in the 1930s, My Sister in this House is a dark tale of power, class, religion and social systems and its effect on a household of women. Madame Danzard and her daughter Isabelle employ Christine and her sister Léa, recently reunited after their life in a local orphanage. As time passes, we witness how the demanding atmosphere of servitude, obedience and conformity frays at the edges of their relationships and devolves into intense resentment between the women and the structures that oppress them.

This production is performed by final year actors at the Lir Academy's conservatoire acting program. 


Christine – Niamh Murphy

Lea – Gemma Allan

Madame Danzard – Kailey Greenberg

Isabelle – Isabelle Harriet

Photography/Judge/Medical Examiner – Connor Curran


Writer – Wendy Kesselman

Director – Joy Nesbitt

Set Design – Florentina Burcea

Lighting Design – Bill Woodland

Costume Design – Juliana Schmidt

Sound Design – Aoife Kavanagh

Hair and Makeup — Val Sherlock


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