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Music by Henry Krieger | Book and Lyrics by Tom Eyen


Dreams live forever. Dreamgirls chronicles the story of three talented young black ladies, Deena, Lorrell, and Effie, and their rise into superstardom. Through beautiful music that ranges from R&B, gospel, soul, and more, this timely musical explores fame, hope, ambition, glamour, and betrayal as our three leading ladies become the superstar group, The Dreams, fighting for success in a competitive music industry plagued by racism, sexism, and greed.


Produced by Nia Talley, Lacey Hines, and Allison Scharmann and co-directed by Joy Nesbitt and Emily Orr, Dreamgirls tells the story of Black struggle and triumph in a 1960s/70s American music scene.


This production was set to open in March of 2020 in the Oberon at the American Repertory Theater. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the show was cancelled days after the sitzprobe. 


Director (Music) – Joy Nesbitt

Director (Scenic) – Emily Orr

Choreographer – Leah Smart

Stage Manager – Fari Mbaye

Directing Assistant – Brianna Turner

Directing Assistant – Fatoumata Ouedrago

Music Assistant – Stacy Jo

Music Assistant – Chibiuke Uwakwe

Costume Designer – Hannah Ezer

Financial Producer – Kendall Laws

Financial Producer – Lacey Hines

Publicity Producer – Annie Harrigan

Publicity Producer – Allison Scharmann

Technical Producer – Nia Talley

Stage Manager – Fari Mbaye

Tech Director – James Caven

Sound Design – Yaodong Yu


Effie White – Samyra Miller

Deena Jones – Janiah Lockett

Lorell Robinson – Ashley Cooper

Curtis Taylor, Jr. –Frederick-Tyler MacBruce

James “Thunder” Early – Cahleb Derry

C.C. White – William Lohier

Marty Madison – Ezechukwu Nduka

Michelle Morris – Uzo Ngwu

Ensemble – Jack Schwencke, Nico Carrero,

Mubeen Momodu, Skylar-Bree Takyi, Hannah

Lemmons, Peyton Dunham, Bobby Malley


Highlight Reel

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