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Reasons to be Pretty


Directed by Joy Nesbitt 

Adapted by Joy Nesbitt

Assistant Directed by Udochi Emeghara

Produced by Harvard BlackCAST

Executive Produced by The Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatics Club and The Office for the Arts at Harvard

This was a production presented on zoom by Harvard BlackCAST in April 2021. This production was an adaptation of Neil LaBute's original play, focused on issues of gender roles and relationships in the Black community.


R+J: An Ultramodern Fantasia


Directed by Joy Nesbitt and Devonne Pitts

Produced by Allison Scharmann

Executive Produced by Pinwheel Productions and The Office for the Arts at Harvard

This was a production presented on zoom by Harvard BlackCAST during the summer of 2020. In addition to the online production streamed on youtube, I mixed and mastered a soundtrack for the show created by fellow student artists. This production was also a fundraiser for The Black Arts Futures Fund. 

God of Carnage

Directed by Joy Nesbitt

Produced by The Harvard Office for the Arts

This production was presented by Harvard BlackCAST on Zoom. It was the first zoom production created by a Harvard student during the pandemic. Each of the four shows also had a fundraising aspect to it, and we were able to raise $10,000 for organizations associated with the support and care of Black lives as well as COVID-19 relief for imprisoned individuals.


Directed by Joy Nesbitt and Emily Orr

Music Directed by Joy Nesbitt

Produced by Nia Talley, Lacey Hines, and Allison Scharmann

This production was set to open in March of 2020 in the Oberon at the American Repertory Theater. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the show was cancelled right after the sitzprobe. 

Mamma Mia 

Directed by Ryan Kapur

Music Directed by Joy Nesbitt and Clay Oxford

Produced by Emily Orr, Aaron Olkin, Morgan Booker, and Angela Kim

Executive Produced by The Harvard Radcliffe Dramatics Club

This production was performed on the Mainstage at the American Repertory Theater in association with the Harvard Musical Theater Club. 

A Very Potter Musical

Directed by Carla Troconis

Music Directed by Joy Nesbitt and Ana Olano

Produced by Sherry Gao

Executive Produced by The Harvard Radcliffe Dramatics Club

This production was performed in the Loeb Ex at the American Repertory Theater. 

Additional Theater Credits
Assistant Director

Jack and the Beanstalk (dir. Rebecca Aparicio; Music dir. Ian Chan)

Music Assistant

We Live in Cairo (dir. Taibi Magar; Music dir. Madeline Smith) 

Community Organizer

For Colored Girls (dir. Devonne Pitts)


Blood on the Cat's Neck (Mistress) 
Beauty and the Beast (Lefou)

Haroun and the Sea of Stories (Chorus)

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman (Scarlet Widow and Chorus)

Annie (Annie)

Production Management Theater Maker

The Early Career BIPOC Theater Makers Program at The Williamstown Theatre Festival (in association with Black Theater United) 

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Short Films
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Directed by Joy Nesbitt
Starring: Laura Frustaci and Joy Nesbitt
A study on the development of extreme emotion. We watch an unraveling individual get pushed to her limits. She is isolated from the ones she loves and is taken for granted by everyone else. We encounter a slow boil of emotion, a stirring physical and aural transformation into abject, unbridled rage. 
Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 7.59.29 PM.png
Directed by Joy Nesbitt
Starring: Yvonne "Peggy" Smith and Shawna Nesbitt
An elderly woman shelters in place alone during a pandemic. Her daughter, who is unable to visit safely, brings her a gift to fill her absence. We develop empathy for our main character, and we see empathetic action in practice. 
Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 7.48.55 PM.png
Directed by Joy Nesbitt
Starring: Tori Gudmundsson, Laura Frustaci, Devonne Pitts, Jonathan Castillo, Shawna Nesbitt, Ruva Chigwedere, Graham Buchanan, Frederick Tyler-Macbruce and Joy Nesbitt
A visual meditation on embodiment and a personal journey against body dysmorphia. We enter an uninterrupted intimate experience of studying the face of another human. We may feel watched, comforted, or disturbed by this experience. We reflect upon our own faces in relation to the faces we are seeing.
Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 8.02.40 PM.png
Directed by Joy Nesbitt
Starring: Joy Nesbitt
The nation poses a question to a Black feminine spectator. She meditates on that question. She moves through familiar spaces to process her answer to the question. She has no answer. The answer is grounded in a specific lived experience. We either understand or we don’t.